To Charge – Or Not To Charge – Is it a question? Or an answer?

Ray - Webmaster
Ray - Webmaster

So many people have trouble with ‘charge’ in many more ways than one. This course is about the decision to ‘charge for your work’ or ‘not to charge for your work’. In other words… Should you ‘give’ your work away, or should you insist on ‘getting paid’ or ‘charging’ for it.

Lots and lots and lots of people fight with this question ‘abstractly’ or ‘esoterically’ in their mind. But what’s really going on is a question of ‘worth’ or ‘value’.

This is a little mini course to help you to answer that question for yourself… every time, with confidnece and assurity, that your decision is a ‘right’ or ‘rightious one’.



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