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I want to display a headline from elementor, this one:

Not on the Inside ?

You could be...

But only the top animated line… and when you click that element, it expands with an opt in form to be put on the insiders invitation list.

An accordian should let me do that, but they are all to ‘static’… specifically the ‘headline’.

This is really easy to do with a little css and some a tiny bit of javascript.

Some plugins that might do it:

I’m having some trouble finding one that works like I want it to… Some of the premium ones from:
might work… expensive though… would love to include their stuff in with what I am doing.

I haven't finished building this yet... but when I am, you will find anything i've referenced here including credits, sources, links, and stuff like that. It's a work in progress - part of my 'relationship crazy' project - you can read all about it here:
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