Feature Request: highlight & tooltip the references

Ray - Webmaster
Ray - Webmaster

So lets say I make a reference to something, like a play or a movie, or a post, or any ‘reference’ entity. That reference in whatever it is that is in the ‘source context’ is referencing… should be highlighted in the source post.

Exampe: I recently saw a movie, [rtr-text:”The Fifth Element”-refid:ref-slug(id is better slugs change)]

It should also be ‘listed at the bottom’, and that same relationship is what is being used to do the ‘highlight’ display. There should be some sort of ‘insert the reference’ button on the editors, and it should probably be a short code type of thing.

The shortcode being replaced with the ‘text of your choosing’ and then highlighted and ‘tool-tipped’. What’s in the tool tip should come from the reference and be a short small tool tip to describe or impart the main theme or idea of the thing being referenced.

An example is, for example: hovering or clicking on the reference indicator (like a super script) that shows a cursor tool-tip defining the word example.



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