Feature Request: Good docs importer for wordpress

article by: Ray Kamille - Ray - Webmaster -

I saw something similar to this somewhere… I’m thinking of a plugin that has a file browser type interface of docs in google drive. Files can be selected individually and or in bulk, and perhaps even an ‘import all’ feature as well.

Turn each one of those pages into a wordpress post or page or whatever post type you want…

first, to get them out of google

second, to have them somewhere useful.

WordPress is progressing into something very useful as far as writing goes… this plugin could eventually even turn into a google docs type editor. I hate google and what to be as far away from them as possible.

I haven't finished building this yet... but when I am, you will find anything i've referenced here including credits, sources, links, and stuff like that. It's a work in progress - part of my 'relationship crazy' project - you can read all about it here:
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