Do this as an ‘exercise’ like building muscles – mind-hole-web-muscles

article by: Ray Kamille - just1ray -

From the forum:

Go here:
That’s our ‘godaddy’ ‘wild west resseler domain store’… we will change that to guidepostoflight or innerwebblueprint or even tremoreevent later… or something like that…

buy a domain for your website – (i said I can’t buy any more domains until all mine are up! ROFL)

and start writing about building your website, working with a mentor, the inside the light club, and all the progress you get to make that you wouldn’t get to make if you were not ‘part of the club’.

When I get the affiliate thing built, you can add that on to it even well before you have a program of some sort of your own.

This will start building your practice muscles, and also start building your ‘list’ for the eventual ‘launch’ of your ‘digital assets’.

Have it be whatever you want – you can always ad more later!

I haven't finished building this yet... but when I am, you will find anything i've referenced here including credits, sources, links, and stuff like that. It's a work in progress - part of my 'relationship crazy' project - you can read all about it here:
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