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First –

When an archive listing is generated – lets say there are multiple content types in a shared category.

For example:

Category: love

Regular Post: xyc-abe-123

Insider Post: Whatever the insider post title is.

In the archive or category listing – if there is a ‘redirect rule’ from Content Control that is triggered – content listing will redirect – even if there are posts that should be listed. I think it actually depends on the ‘order’ they are processed – not 100% sure.

The issue is – if it’s supposed to be ‘redirected’ – it should just ‘pull’ it out of the category listing and hide it.

There should also be an option in the protection mechanism – custom message, redirect, and ‘hide completely’. And archive or category listings should do the ‘hide completely’ function for all settings except for ‘custom message’.

We are going to use the ‘draft’ method as a work around, until we can get this fixed.

I haven't finished building this yet... but when I am, you will find anything i've referenced here including credits, sources, links, and stuff like that. It's a work in progress - part of my 'relationship crazy' project - you can read all about it here:
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