An ‘idea’ for the free bees of the universe!

Ray - Webmaster
Ray - Webmaster

‘Promote’ a post or peace of content to be ‘free’. Share, like, vote, rate, or whatever… and once it reaches a certain ‘level’ it’s not restricted any longer. Per person? Per post or peace of content? One for all, all for one?

So I’m always comming up with some idea or another. That’s why I put it in qutoes, because it means more than it looks like it does.

The idea: (maybe make this a feature request?)

Most of the posts on this site are ‘insider posts’. That means that only the first part of the post is visible to the general public, or ‘the outside’. I did that for a lot of reasons… mostly as an experiment in ‘keeping the riff raff’ out. I don’t mean to be insulting to the ‘riff raff’… but trouble makers make trouble just for the sake of the ‘riff raff’ it causes. I prefer to let those folks stay on the ‘outside’, so the people on the ‘inside’ can enjoy cooperation, communication, coordination and all the wonderful benefits that sort of stuff can bring into your life. It’s really amazing.

But keeping the ‘riff raff’ out is a daunting task, especially these days! But often people who are down on their luck, or just having a shitty time of it are kinda doomed, because being part of a community of some kind costs. But it doesn’t have to cost money… though figuring out a way to ‘appreciate’ something without opening your wallet is a chore these days. Today’s ‘money situation’ is much more ‘have’ / ‘have not’ division that is good for any society of people.

The best thing any one person can do about that though… is to become themselves, and to empower in the process, other individuals to become a part of groups to focus and magnify influence to insist that division is an ‘old’ way of allocating resources based on fuedal nobility. Multiplication is a birthright, just like division, and while division has it’s purpose, multiplication is the process or up swing of growth and evolution.

So.. with that in mind… I’m thinking of a sort of… ‘share this enough times’ – ‘get this to enough ‘interest’ in it’s availability, and then it will become available to everyone – insider member or not.

How will I implement that… that’s another question… but it’s just an idea at this point.



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