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I sometimes call it – the inside the light club. Or even the rays inside the light club.

Sometimes I think of it as a light club. Light is more than cool, it’s brilliant… not to mention it’s the fastest moving thing we as a species currently know of. ????

Oh, and it makes rainbows too! ????

Also, most of my trade has been as an optical network architect and or engineer of one sort or another.

But it’s just as well to refer to it as the ‘insiders club’.

If I call it ‘light club’ – I’ll have to come up with a set of rules for it – LOL.

I kinda did already, I’ll have to find them and put them here:

The first rule of light club, don’t get blinded by the light.

I haven't finished building this yet... but when I am, you will find anything i've referenced here including credits, sources, links, and stuff like that. It's a work in progress - part of my 'relationship crazy' project - you can read all about it here:
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